WhatsApp Is Developing a New ‘Mute Always’ Feature That Will Allow You to Permanently Block Annoying Group Notifications

Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp is always adding new features to enhance the user experience. Now, it seems that the company is working to solve one of the biggest issues with groups which is that WhatsApp does not allow you to mute a WhatsApp group permanently. The company is reportedly testing a new ‘Mute Always’ feature.

Sometimes, you are added to a WhatsApp group that can be annoying for you, and while leaving that group can solve the issue to some extent, but things can turn into a nightmare if you have been added into a group that you cannot (or don't want to) exit. Well, the only thing you could do to avoid receiving notifications from WhatsApp groups that you do not like and cannot leave, is to mute those groups. Currently, WhatsApp offers three options while muting a WhatsApp group - 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year.

A good development is that the new Mute Always feature will allow you to permanently block WhatsApp group notifications, and you will not have to mute groups again and again. According to the WhatsApp feature tracker website, WABetaInfo, the messaging app is beta testing the feature, and it is currently in development phases. WABetaInfo reported that the company will roll out the new feature once the option is ready for prime time.

The new option is currently available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android -, reported WABI. The WhatsApp feature tracker website also posted a screenshot displaying how the new option appears. The 1-year option has been replaced by the option that says ‘Always.’

Although the new update is not a major feature, it will definitely help those who are not interested in a particular WhatsApp group and they cannot leave that group. As the company is still developing the new feature and fixing all the issues before the option is widely rolled out to all users, you cannot find the option in the settings menu. However, you can use it if you download the beta version of WhatsApp on Android.

A more better approach that Whatsapp can adopt here is tabbed list, just like Telegram's folders feature, that allows users to have important contacts in a separate tab/list while 'not so important' contacts and groups in another folder. Although Whatsapp boasts a similar feature AKA Labels in its business app but seeing its importance the Facebook-owned app should consider adding the Labels feature for basic users as well.

The company is also developing several other important features such as advanced search mode. In addition to muting group notifications, WhatsApp also offers a privacy feature that allows you to decide who can add you to WhatsApp groups. In the Groups Settings menu, you can decide if everyone can add you to groups, or only your contacts. It is yet not clear when the Mute Always feature will be rolled out, but WABI suggests that WhatsApp will launch it in the upcoming updates.

WhatsApp Is Developing a New ‘Mute Always’ Feature That Will Allow You to Permanently Block Annoying Group Notifications

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