eMarketer predicts a dramatic rise in the video viewing time and the usage of mobile apps in the US adults in 2020

Recently, eMarketer came up with a survey and predicted that the time spent on viewing mobile videos and mobile web is going to increase by 10 minutes in overall viewing trend, as compared to the previous year. Furthermore, this report also predicts that an average US adult will be using more mobile tech apps which will result in the overall mobile usage to grow by 5 minutes in comparison with what it used to be in the ear 2019.

In 2019, the average US adult was spending around 19 minutes to watch digital videos.

Now, in 2020, the same average US adult is going to spend more than 2 hours watching digital videos! This is quite a huge jump!

If we compare the circumstances of 2019 with 2020, this kind of surge in mobile usage and watch-time is understandable. The world was hit by a major pandemic in 2020, and that not only changed so many things on the global level, it also forced people to remain in the sanctuary of their homes and be socially distant to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

In such difficult times when everything closed down and there was no place to go except to remain inside the homes, people automatically started turning towards mobile apps for their entertainment as well as information purposes.

This was the right time for these mobile apps to do their business right as well. Since there was a high demand, the tech companies felt the need to oblige and provide as much infotainment and other opportunities to the consumers as it was possible.

This inadvertently led to the public’s heavy reliance on their mobile phones and different apps, and that became the reason why the video-watching time and mobile usage increased so much in 2020.

Now, we are going through the ‘mid-pandemic’ phase, and while many businesses, organizations, educational institutes, and public places have started to re-open, the ‘dependence’ of people on the smartphones and mobile apps are still there. And as per this latest report by eMarketer, it will continue at least till the end of this year, or maybe until this pandemic lasts!

Apart from digital videos, the Mobile Gaming industry also saw a major boom amidst the coronavirus pandemic. People who were locked down in their homes were not only watching videos or using social apps, they also started indulging in online and video gaming apps.

During the lockdowns, the US adults played these mobile app games for almost 26 minutes on average. The same people spent a lot lesser time on gaming apps back in 2019 only, because of the huge difference in circumstances in both the years.

Naturally, mobile gaming developers also jumped to make sure to provide all kinds of engagements with their users to boost their game downloads. They also started putting in more in-app ad requests for monetary purposes. An ad firm Jun Group has reported that these in-app ad requests in mobile game apps have surged by 98% from March till April 2020 alone. This shows the extent of popularity all these apps have gained and the level to which average adults in the US and worldwide are going to spend their quality time.

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