WhatsApp’s new Android beta update suggests some improvements in the developing features of Linked Devices and Advanced Search Mode

Recently we reported that WhatsApp is going to bring in several new features. The most talked features include multiple device support and an advanced search mode.

The recent release of a new Android beta update by WhatsApp reveals that the app is working on these two features and they are most likely to get new and improved user interface also. According to WABetaInfo, the multiple device support feature is likely to be called as ‘Linked Devices’ in the new upcoming version of WhatsApp. As it was anticipated from the prior rumors, WhatsApp will enable one account to run on several devices. But the latest update of WhatsApp version shows that by giving this feature the name of ‘Linked Devices,’ the messaging app is going to make sure that all the data of one account is securely and safely linked with other devices also. Users will be able to access the ‘Linked Devices’ option through three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Currently, if you want to get your WhatsApp account across any other device, you have to log out from one place to log in to another device. With the ‘Linked Devices’ feature, however, there will be no need to log out. The account can be linked with as many as four devices, and that is what this new update reveals.

This new option of ‘Linked Devices’ will let the user not only add a new device to their account, but it will also sync all the data and make it easily accessible for the user. Whenever a new device will be linked, it will be reported on the main WhatsApp account. However, this new feature can bring more account security risks for Whatsapp users, as some bad actors keep on looking for ways to manipulate tech to hack user accounts, as we can observe this already in the form of sim-swapping and account takeovers with simple reset options.

While Link Devices feature is currently under development, there are only rumors and speculations about it making rounds at the moment. It seems that WhatsApp is keeping it under heavy wraps because it cannot be seen even upon installing the WhatsApp latest beta version.

Another important update is regarding the Advanced Search Mode in the beta version of WhatsApp. This update was reported in April as well, and the latest report reveals that WhatsApp is working on bringing some improvements to the feature. However, nothing much else was specified about the Advanced Search Mode this time.

So, we will have to wait patiently till these features make it to the stable channels and finally roll out when WhatsApp releases the latest updated version for the public. However, these reports look very promising, especially the ones about the ‘Linked Devices’ option. Because its need was felt forever and now that WhatsApp is finally bringing it, it is hard to wait.

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