Google Search Has Begun To Test Dark Mode For Chrome Mobile Web, Here's How You Can Try It

At the start of this month, 9to5Google reported that the dark mode theme is being developed for Google Search web on Android via Google Chrome. At that time, it was not clear how this dark mode theme will operate and why this feature requires a flag in chrome://flags. Today, Google Search has started testing its dark mode theme for the smartphone website. Now, we will tell you how you can start using this new feature.

The company has put very little effort into the dark mode feature on the Google Chrome side of things. For this feature, Google Chrome for Android needs to slightly modify the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for your searches you perform on the browser. The modification depends on whether a person has enabled the flag or they are using Chrome’s dark mode theme. Particularly, Chrome included ‘cs=1’ to the Google Search URLs. This modification had no impact until earlier this week, however, Google Search has now altered things on its server-side.

Following the new modifications, you will now see a darker color scheme on the Google Search results page on the Android version of Chrome. There are two ways that you can follow to enable the dark mode theme for Google Search on your Android device. Discussing the first method, you will have to download Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary from Play Store and then enable the flag "#enable-android-dark-SRP" on the chrome://flags page. After you have enabled the flag, the dark mode theme of Google Search will automatically be enabled when Chrome is also on the dark version.

Surprisingly, there is no need to use a specific pre-release web browser or you will not also have to alter settings to achieve a preview of the new dark mode theme for Google Search on the mobile web. Users only have to type the phrase ‘&cs=1’ at the end of any Google Search URL to get a preview of the new dark mode theme.

For example:

With that being said, the testing of the feature has shown that the new dark mode theme only appears when a person is browsing Google Search from the Android version of Chrome, even if you modify the Google Search URL. All other internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge for Android, Firefox for Android, Kiwi Browser for Android, and even iOS version of Chrome display the regular light mode theme. However, some users were still able to enable a part of the dark mode theme by making Firefox pretend to be Chrome. You can have Firefox pretend to be Chrome by using an extension.

It is yet not clear when the company plans to release dark mode for other smartphone browsers. However, we can say that Google is at least following the right direction.

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