Google Brings New Accessibility Features to Android

Accessibility is a big thing for Google since this is a tech company that wants pretty much everyone to end up using their products no matter what else might be the case and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that technology is quickly becoming something that people often rely on for a wide variety of reasons. Hence, it is pretty understandable why Google would want something like this happening all in all, and in a new update the tech giant has brought a number of new features into the mix all of which are designed to optimize accessibility in every single way, shape or form.

The main accessibility feature that you are going to be getting has to do with Action Blocks, a feature that Google has been teasing for quite some time now. This feature will essentially allow you to make your own customized buttons which will be quite large in size which would then be used to fulfill whatever complex task you are having difficulty with such as opening up a music playing app or calling someone that you have on speed dial for example.

The sound amplify feature will also now be usable via Bluetooth which is every important because of the fact that sometimes you would be connected to a speaker or have earpods in and these are things that your sound amplification feature should ideally work with because of the fact that if you are hard of hearing then these are the kinds of places where a feature like this can end up being truly useful all in all.

These are some truly forward thinking features and this update is going to get Google into a lot of people’s good graces, something that the company is going to be able to capitalize on quite a bit in the future.

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