New consumer trends amid the quarantine life are pointing towards a ‘new normal’ for the world (infographic)

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in so many ways that it is kind of unfathomable! With so many deaths and a complete crash of the economy, it seemed as if the world could never rise to its feet again. But our resilience and spirit to fight have made us stand tall again and try to adapt to the ‘new world’ as quickly as possible.

Three months down the life of quarantine, lockdowns, and social distancing measures, the world has entered the mid-coronavirus pandemic era. People are adapting to the new quarantine lifestyle and many countries have started lifting the curfew type lockdown. Slowly things are opening up, but some studies by Inmar Intelligence and a report on the rising retail trends by Google suggest that people have started accepting the new trends of staying at home and remote working and studying. So, the consumer choices are changing too, and the studies by Inmar Intelligence reveal some interesting insights.

A close look at the types of products these consumers are seeking give away the four categories they are mostly looking into:
  1. Comfort
  2. Creativity
  3. Productivity
  4. Practicality
For Comfort, 845% of consumers are indulging in cozy and comfortable loungewear!

817% of people are looking for Jar candles, while 73% of people are going for comfortable pajamas.

Among other household and personal utility items, 73% of them are searching for air purifiers, 66% for Facial Masks, and 50% for Slippers.

For enhancing the creative potentials, 85% of Camera drones are being searched, 67% of Gaming Laptops, 51% of Smart Television sets, 44% of Musical Instruments, 35% of Bluetooth speakers and 27% of recipes are being searched by people sitting at home during their quarantine lives.

On the Productivity front, 130% of video conferencing apps are in popular search. This is most probably because people have to carry on their works from home and students need these apps to carry on their online studies. Besides, due to the social distancing measures, people are resorting to video conferencing to stay in virtual touch with each other.

Amongst other productive item searches, 97% of them belong to Inkjet Cartridges, 85% of all-in-one Laptops, 83% of Office Desk Chairs, 65% of Graphics Tablets and 62% of Office chairs.

These trends do show that people are very seriously and very gracefully adapting to new possible remote working policies, suggested by some giant tech apps like Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Shopify, and Coinbase.

All these apps have recently announced that they will let their employees continue working from home in the future also, post the coronavirus pandemic.

This also coincides with some studies that suggested that many employees are finding this remote-working facility more efficient and cost-effective than their former office routines in the pre-COVID era.

Maybe these are the reasons why on the Practicality front in the Inmar Intelligence’s report, the most popular search items are 196% of Cargo Shorts! Of course, no office means relaxed casual dressing.

194% of Lawn Mower blades are being searched, while 109% of single-serve coffee capsules and pods, 86% of other coffee-making accessories, 85% of Lawn Mowers, and 79% of pet fences and exercise pens are being searched.

A look at these trends will give great ideas of marketing to different companies that manufacture all these things, and other items in these four most popular categories for the future.

On the Road to a New Normal: How Two Months of Online Shopping Data Proves Consumers are adapting to quarantine

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