Good News Android Users: Your Google Searches In Chrome Might Get A Pure Dark Theme

The dark mode was introduced for mobile devices in 2019. It is a browser extension that enables the users a visually ergonomic experience, by quickly turning the web pages all dark themed. This is helpful because blue light and white interfaces put a lot of strain on the eyes and can adversely affect the eyesight as well.

However, there was a problem that while the interface would turn dark, the settings of the website content would remain unaffected. So, when a Google search was performed, the results page would still appear brightly lit in white.

This problem could be solved to some extent by clicking on chrome://flags and enabling the option of “Android web contents dark mode,” but even then, the results were not so satisfactory as by enabling this option, the color of all web pages would change too! That would sometimes get quite unpleasant on the eyes.

However, as per 9to5Google, it has been reported that Google is working on a code change by getting a new flag, titled as “#enable-android-dark-SRP.” This can simply change the search results page alone if the browser has been set in the dark mode already.

This sounds to be a direct and straightforward approach, without any unnecessary twists and turns here and there.

Many people often wonder if going dark is actually beneficial, or is it just like any other fancy features?

The truth is that research suggests that blue light alters the quality and pattern of sleep, and white interfaces are usually straining for the eyes. Especially when phones are used at night, in the dark background, the white interface can actually adversely affect the eyes and the eyesight.

Besides, it has been noted that dark mode uses less power, therefore it is good for the battery life also.

Other web browsers also have options that enable users to play around their device’s dark mode settings by choosing their preferred color scheme for the websites.

However, Chrome has a wider user base and Google needed to take care of the flaw with its dark mode so that users can gain maximum benefit by giving them a choice between light and dark schemes.

It is always good to work around alternative styles, and it seems that Google has understood this need of its users now.

For the time being, this update is only available for Android. But it will hopefully roll out for all operating systems soon.

Until its official launch, there is a theory making rounds that Chrome may use its built-in ability to enable “Force Dark Mode” for Web content. How it will play out? That can only be judged with time and more research on how Google plans to bring changes in its Chrome Web browser.

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