YouTube Is Testing To Integrate Google Search Results With Video Search In Its Mobile App

We have seen that YouTube has been constantly testing and releasing out new features and tools for its Android app. Now, YouTube for Android is testing another feature that will integrate Google results with video search.

The new feature was first spotted by a Reddit user. According to a screenshot shared by TheMrIggs, the company is testing a new feature to bring Google Search results into the video search of YouTube for Android. Currently, searching for videos on YouTube on Android devices is simple and sleek. The mobile app only displays search results for the video content itself.

Sometimes, the app may also display an information panel related to a specific topic or regarding any sensitive subject. For instance, when you search for a sensitive subject such as ‘coronavirus,’ on YouTube, the app displays fact-checked data. The information panel is displayed at the top of the search results page and provides links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you search for a specific channel on YouTube, it will display you different search results as well as a special view for that specific channel’s videos and playlists, and you will also see other related search results. However, with this new feature, YouTube's Android app is including something else to the search results for you. It is adding relevant search results from the web pulled from Google. According to the test of this feature spotted on Reddit, TheMrIggs performed a search for ‘open beer with a knife.’ YouTube displayed video search results related to the query. Along with the video search results, the app also displayed Google Search results related to the same query. Particularly, YouTube displays a snippet from a publisher related to the same topic.

The new feature will be very useful and users will not have to perform a search on some browser to achieve broad search results. The app will display both - video and Google Search results on the same page. While using the new feature, you will see some videos related to your query on top of the page, and YouTube will display search results from Google in the middle of video search results.

However, it does not seem that the latest test is very widespread among users. We can say that this development is probably another A/B test. The company is gathering insights from its users via this latest test. However, if YouTube rolls out the new feature, it will be a great addition and we will let you know.

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