TikTok Hits 1 Billion Installs on Google Play Store

TikTok has reached more than one billion downloads in Google Play Store, the China-based app has joined the elite club of 2 dozen free Android apps that boasts over 1 billion and fewer than 5 billion downloads.

Not only this, recent data shows TikTok has also become one of the most downloaded free application amongst all!

The year 2020 began with a major pandemic which brought the entire world economy to its knees, affected millions of people, and has caused many deaths so far.

Everything has closed, and lockdown and social distancing measures have been implemented all over the globe to avoid the spread of this disease.

As the coronavirus crisis is growing, the global lockdowns also continue. Home-bound people have become so bored with their monotonous routines that they have started resorting to creating short videos on TikTok for entertainment.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking application, which was launched three years ago. Since that time, it has become very popular among millions of users all over the world.

This app allows users to create videos, with a choice of music in the background from a huge library of songs. These songs are of different genres, and the users can incorporate them in their videos, edit them, apply various filters, and can even adjust the speed of their videos. TikTok also allows creating lip-synced, and dance videos too.

There are features like “React,” “Duet,” and the recently under development feature called “Stitch” which allow the users to film their reaction to a specific video, to record a video simultaneously with another video and to even let people alter the endings of their already created videos.

Once a video has been created, the users can share it with their friends and on their social media platforms.

The global crisis and the general lockdown situation in which no one can step out and meet loved ones physically is affecting people psychologically, as well as it is becoming very taxing and frustrating.

The biggest challenge that everyone is facing is uncertainty. No one knows who will become the next target of this disease, or when will this whole chaos end? The constant trepidation is making people more anxious with each passing day, as the future seems blurred and the situation is extremely grim.

The negative feelings and emotions building in people are leading them towards depression, and experts all over the globe are worried about the aftereffects of this pandemic on the minds of all.

So, it is quite understandable for millions of people bound in their homes, in quarantine, having nothing much to do, to turn to the internet and these tech apps for their information and entertainment. This is the reason why the usage of internet and technological applications has increased exponentially over these past three months.

TikTok was already very popular amongst its existing users before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. But now, with people having an ample amount of time at hand, TikTok is seeing a major influx of fresh users, bringing it to the place of most downloaded social networking apps.

TikTok has also taken measures to reduce bandwidth consumption, as an extensive usage of the service could have an impact on the overall Internet connectivity and can cause serious data traffic. Plus the company is also playing a positive part by donating a hefty amount to those affected by Covid-19 crisis.

TikTok App Joins The 1 Billion Installs Club On Google Play Store

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