Stitch the seams of your videos now on TikTok

According to social media industry commentator Matt Navarra and Twitter user Sam Schmir, TikTok is testing a feature called “Stitch.” This feature will allow users to trim one of their existing videos to record a new ending.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking application, which was launched in international markets three years ago. Since that time, it has become very popular among millions of users all over the world.

This app allows users to create videos, with a choice of music in the background from a huge library of songs in the application. These songs are of different genres, and the users can incorporate them in their videos, edit them, apply various filters, and can even adjust the speed of their videos. TikTok also allows creating lip-synced, and dance videos too.

There are features like “React” and “Duet,” which allow the users to film their reaction to a specific video and to record a video simultaneously with another video.

Once a video has been created, the users can share it with their friends and on their social media platforms.

The year 2020 began with a major pandemic that continues to date. It has affected the entire world and has caused many deaths so far. People are encouraged to imply lockdown and social distancing measures to stop the spread of this disease.

This lockdown situation in which no one can step out and meet loved ones is affecting people psychologically too.

The biggest challenge that everyone is facing is uncertainty. No one knows who will become the next target of this disease, or when will this whole chaos end? People are getting more anxious with each passing day, as the future seems very hazy and the situation is extremely grim.

The negative feelings and emotions building in people are leading them towards depression, and experts all over the globe are worried about the aftereffects of this pandemic on the minds of all.

So, naturally, and very understandably, with more than forty million people at home, in quarantine, having nothing much to do, the usage of internet and technological applications has increased dramatically over these past three months.

Amongst other applications, TikTok wins the cake because it was already very popular amongst its existing users before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. But now, with people having an ample amount of time at hand, TikTok is seeing a major influx of new users.

The latest feature “Stitch” is going to be a small, but welcome change in the video-making scenario. It will become easy to trim and even “stitch back” another end to the already created videos. It is innovative, as well as more fun for the users!

Excellent job TikTok. Keep it up!

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