Instagram launches new feature: Live viewing on the web

Instagram live is quite an excellent communication medium nowadays. Instagram live feature is beneficial for various purposes. Since this quarantine, celebrities, bloggers find this live option to connect with their fans and followers.

Previously Instagram lives sessions hold great importance to promoting the business. As it helps to involve the people, explain yourself a little more. It engages the audience, which is the best tactic to increase followers. Moreover, its time saving, rather than writing long notes and paragraphs explain yourself, why not a quick video session.

Lately, Instagram is working to make this live session even better to avoid the hassle for its users.

To avoid problems, Instagram rolled out the feature so that people wouldn't have any problem. With the view of the big screen, everyone in the family can enjoy the live session.

One of the biggest problems that people face is that live is limited to a mobile app, meaning people only with the app can view the session or users who have installed some dedicated third-party tools and browser extensions. The most significant turn point is that now people can watch the live content from the web, so no more hassle and can enjoy a live session of favorite celebrities or bloggers from the large screen within home comfort.
"You can watch live videos on the Instagram app or on", updated Instagram in a Help Center Page.
Now there was a particular reason that made Instagram look over this option. The very first problem long live sessions were of the significant problem as to hold a phone for that long can be painful. Moreover, as long makeup sessions, people with the phones easily can’t follow the steps as first selecting the best position for the phone is problematic.

Further, in live sessions of more than one person, it's challenging to read the comments as comments obstruct the view of the person hence complicated to pay attention to both the video and the comments.

Lastly, the charging of the phone matters a lot. To get the perfect view, brightness needs to be proper, which results in a low battery.

No more headaches to hold the phone. Moreover, when there is a live session on the web, comments go on the left side of the screen. It results in no more disturbances while watching the video; both can be focus simultaneously. Lastly, while on the web, charging is no problem. Moreover, people can enjoy this feature unlimited, such as on bed with a cozy blanket and your favorite celebrity right on the screen.

Adding on in this quarantine where live sessions are the way to connect with people, Instagram launched this feature to make that as family time. As the number of people isn't limited, everyone can watch live from the same screen altogether.

This feature was introduced as people requested for it. It highlights that the ease of the consumers is the top priority of Instagram. By launching this feature, Instagram has witnessed that many people are doing the live session; there are positive comments about this feature.

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