Popular social media app TikTok donates a hefty amount to those affected by global pandemic

Amidst the financial difficulties faced by millions of people during the coronavirus pandemic, popular tech giants and apps are trying to contribute positively to society, to help those in need. Rising social media app which supports creative video content, TikTok, is doing the same. According to a blog post, the video hosting app feels that it is necessary to play a constructive role in aiding people globally through mutual support, be it through an increase in information on the growing disease, or financial support to those in need of assistance. Furthermore, TikTok's management feels it is important to financially help those affected the most by the pandemic.

TikTok has donated a hefty amount of relief fund, amounting to approximately $400, to cover the loss faced to people, organizations and businesses because of COVID-19. The app has recently given around $10 million to the World Health Organization, and now a fresh $250 million pledge to individuals and organizations combating the virus.

The $250 million grant will be split into four categories, $150 million to those with frontline jobs, such as medical assistance, supplies, and relief work; $40 million to local organizations, so that they may be able to facilitate thousands of those affected negatively by the disease and those in need of financial and medical assistance; $10 million donations taken from the TikTok users to support initiatives launched by the TikTok influencers and around $50 million of funding to support educational facilities that cannot afford distance learning resources. The company has also taken up an additional initiative to help the business community, targeting smaller businesses, to stay afloat during the lockdowns by providing $125 million worth of ad credits.

The social media platform is effectively generating this immense amount of charity through its newly introduced monetization tools via non-intrusive ads, an ad system that engages customers and does not disrupt the user experience, while effectively marketing the ads. However, TikTok needs to quickly find more innovative, yet effective ways of generating funds through the app before popular users and TikTok influencers are exposed to other social media app’s monetization policies, which are higher than those of TikTok. This would result in many popular users leaving the TikTok and the app will inevitably face the same fate as its peer apps, such as Vine and Musically.

The significant donations provided by the app will positively affect those in need of finances during the lockdown, as many people around the world have reportedly lost their jobs and are facing major salary cuts. The app has already witnessed an increase in its usage ever since the beginning of the lockdown and is expected to see an even greater boost in downloads after this tremendous act of kindness, as the social media platform will be praised for its meaningful actions by people all around the world.

Popular social media app TikTok donates a hefty amount to those affected by Coronavirus
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