Reddit Introduces New Policy for Political Ad Transparency

Reddit has come up with a an updated policy to track down the political ads that will be served on its platform. A new Subreddit will contain all the details related to the spending on advertisement that is done on the website since 1 January 2019. The company in a blog post announced that they are looking out for ways to create transparency for political advertisers on how much they spend.

The advertisers will be able to find out the conversation rate of their ads as well through this new platform. There will be different information available that you can get for every individual advertiser. From impressions to spend on per campaign to targeting, every information will be available in a transparent way. Advertisers will be able to see conversation around their ad campaigns.

Alongside the introduction of this new feature, Reddit has also made changes to its political ads policy. The new policy ensures that the political advertisements should be manually approved by Reddit. The advertisers need to work with the sales teams of Reddit on ads that need to be placed along with users comments for at least first 24 hours of the ad campaign. However the comments can be removed later if the advertiser doesn’t want to show them.

The political ads on Reddit include ads related to campaigns or elections or donations. Ads related to promotion of voting and registration are along with political merchandise are also included in Political Ads Subreddit.

Reddit aims to make political ads effective with this new update. The platform aims to engage directly with the political advertisers with political organizations seeking the attention of the users through it. The new feature will also help to bring in transparency for the advertisers as they will be able to know the details of their ad campaigns and how successful they turned out to be in terms of the conversion ratio.

There have been a lot of misleading information that is now flowing on different social media platforms. Politicians and presidential candidates have asked the companies to curb the flow of false news which spreads really quickly through these social networks. A lot of companies have already started to work on to curb the spread of false news and have taken different decisions as well that will help them to bring an end to it.

Companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have made serious efforts to stop the flow of fake news on their platforms. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already said that they will not take any political ads which has been part of their revenue as well. Google on the other hand in November announced that they would limit political ads that target users based on the gender, age, and location.

Reddit Introduces New Policy for Political Ad Transparency
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