Should I use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for my online gaming accounts?

The short answer is definitely YES! To expand on this idea, it’s important to understand how the two factor authentication came to be and what it promises to offer. Without being a new concept, this technology has been around for many years, but it has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Essentially, it offers an additional layer of security by making it more difficult for cyber criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting people. It erects another obstacle in their path, while empowering online gamers and other professionals in their quest of strengthening the security of their accounts.

How does the two factor authentication work?

The system behind this technology is surprisingly easy as it relies on to elements that only the rightful owner of the account can provide. These are commonly referred to as knowledge and possession, since they involve a username and password, respectively a smartphone, tablet or security token. People use them in conjunction to log in to their accounts and access sensitive information; it is not sufficient to possess one or the other, so wrongdoers will have a harder time getting hold on both simultaneously.

The two factor authentication system is perfect for online gamers who rely heavily on their mobile accounts to login and gamble. That’s because they use the standard username and password to log in to their accounts, while the smartphone or tablet provides the element of possession. One can log in to the online account from a desktop or laptop computer and use the text message sent to the smartphone to complete the process. It is necessary to have the mobile device on you to successfully login.

Why is the two factor authentication useful?

The improved security of the 2FA is the main reason why people choose to use this technology for their online casino & gaming accounts. The best rated websites and most mobile casinos allow users to use 2FA to secure their accounts. It is simply far more difficult for a bad guy to impersonate the user and acquire access to the sensitive information stored in the online accounts. Having the password without the smartphone or the other way around will simply yield no results. For the rightful owner of the account, this is not a major aggravation, since they have the passwords in mind and the mobile devices readily available.

Another reason for choosing two factor authentication is the enhanced flexibility that is so important for modern companies. Not only gamers, but other professionals benefit from this technology, as they can safely access sensitive data from the comfort of their home. All they need is the right password and to be in possession of the device that is used to verify the login credentials. This also leads to lower security costs without cutting corners and making risky compromises. The simple fact that large corporations rely heavily on two factor authentication should convince regular gamers to use this technology as well.

Bonus infographic - Your guide to two-factor authentication:

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