Google uncovers the consumers search trends that have been changed during the coronavirus pandemic

Google shares the data based on the recent search behavior of users and provides the top 5 ways on how it has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No organization is spared from the change in the search trend because of the coronavirus crisis, and the user’s behaviors are daily changing due to the pandemic.

Here are 5 points about the change in the search behavior of users that are summarized by Google.

* Collecting critical data

* Adjusting to shifts in their routines

* Finding out new connections

* Looking after themselves and others

* Compliment everyday heroes

Users have critical need for new content to help them adjust to the change of life and get through the coronavirus pandemic.

All the schools are closed, shops and retail stores have switched to delivery methods, people who go to work and do jobs are stuck at home and various other changes have occurred.

Businesses and companies need to give clear and specific information about when, where and how to get things they need with details. Google also identifies to end this that the search behavior is aiming for the following topics:

* Retail

* Home Delivery

* Frozen foods

* Mortgage rate suspensions

* Short term work employee

Making content that tells everyone about those points is one-way marketers and brands can help consumers at this time.

Google also gives a few recommendations:

  • Understand the new norms
  • Be flexible. Help consumers with cancellations, refunds, and customer service.
  • Regularly update.
  • Communications across your website, blogs, and social media channels.

Everyone’s online behaviors are changing as they are starting to adjust to their routines and schedules that meet the needs of isolation.

Google informs that there has been a huge increase in the amount of search interest for a topic like “do it yourself (DIY)”, and “dumbbell sets”.

There is also an increase in the number of people looking at others that how they are adapting to their new routines.

People have started practicing social distancing so they are finding out new connections and relations. They have found virtual ways to connect with each other even if they are isolated in their houses.

There are various topics about this and their search interest has increased a lot. Some of these topics are:
  • With me videos. For example, study with me, bulk cook with me
  • Multiplayer video games
  • Virtual happy hour
People are putting efforts to take care of themselves and look after their family or who they live with. They try to take care of the psychological and physical wants of themselves and others.

They are searching for ways to help to relieve boredom and anxiety. Those are normally real-life activities or virtual activities. Topics like puzzles and relaxation and other topics such as virtual tours of galleries and museums are being searched the most.

People are praising and complimenting all the doctors, health workers, cashiers, delivery individuals, and others as they are helping us a lot to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Those people are risking their own lives to save others. So, all internet users have search interest for “thanking essential workers”. Google also maintain a Coronavirus Search Trends page to visualize how pandemic is being searched.
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