Social Media Bottlenecks to Overcome in 2020

Every social media manager, expert, or guru will have to get through difficult periods during their work. Now and then, professionals will have to face and overcome specific bottlenecks that will try to set them back and prevent them from reaching their true potential.

Even though most marketers are used to face bottlenecks that impede social media strategies from materializing, the development of technology is enabling people to overcome these barriers. Whether it's not getting enough traffic, failing to get a good engagement rate, or not being able to find fresh content ideas, social media managers need to find new ways to overcome these bottlenecks.

Regardless of your industry or business needs, finding a way to overcome the most common bottlenecks we face today will set you on the right path to success. Overcome these social media issues to boost your social media engagement rate, boost your conversions, and ultimately drive more qualified leads into your funnel.

To help you out, the expert team from Social Insider has put together a complete study regarding social media bottlenecks. The survey was conducted over two months, from mid-January 2020 to mid-March 2020, and 320 marketing professionals from all over the globe answered their questions and shared their knowledge on how to overcome any social media bottlenecks.

Let's start by identifying the main social media bottlenecks businesses have.

The Importance of Identifying your Company's Bottlenecks

In 2020, bottlenecks can slow you down more than ever before. You can experience a wide range of bottlenecks, ranging from content ideas & metrics to competitors and reports. For example, a content bottleneck represents the inability of your content team to create high-end quality content that is required on the market. In other words, if the resources available are limited, and the content need is greater, that gap can be perceived as a bottleneck.

In this instance, the bottleneck can be perceived in three unique ways: we need more content, better content, and we also need to have improved coordination so that we can better take advantage of the content we already have.

Let's dive deeper into the study performed by the team from SocialInsider and see how you can fix significant social media bottlenecks in 2020.

How to Get More Traffic & Increased Engagement

According to this study, getting enough engagement for their content & traffic is the main bottleneck in social media today, with over 55% of respondents saying that it negatively impacts their businesses. Most social media specialists find it quite challenging to increase the traffic they receive from social media or to boost the level of engagement for their posts.

Most social media managers are keen on spending time growing their social media profiles. The problem is that the results are quite slim. The engagement rate is very low, while the traffic they receive is also unsatisfactory. 42.9% of social media managers also worry about organic traffic that comes from social media platforms, which is not so engaging as it used to be.

Social Media Bottlenecks to Overcome in 2020

To solve this issue, social media gurus recommend that you first ask your team and partners to comment, share & like the post. Additionally, you should post the content on suitable groups and focus on sharing it all across the social media field. It would help if you also tried to build engaged groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, where you allow people to express their opinions.

According to the social media experts interviewed, another excellent way to overcome this bottleneck is by growing the reach on social media pages through the personal contact of the CEO, sales staff, and marketing team. In other words, instead of focusing on growing your company business page, allow employees and execs to interact with people on their pages.

How to Better Communicate Business Needs

Another social media bottleneck most social media managers have to overcome is communication with the end customer. 54% of the people interviewed responded that they need to find better ways to communicate their business needs. The best way to overcome this bottleneck is to present the situation as it is and let the customer make the final decision.

For example, you can use positive and negative use cases to explain a specific need to your customers. To ensure that your customers understand the price they have to pay for the services you are providing them, you need to get into substantial conversations with them. Match your tone with your brand and show people that you can go above and beyond your promises.

The Importance of Understanding Metrics

Over 37% of respondents declared that they have a hard time understanding social media metrics. This is a crucial bottleneck, since the failure to understand key metrics could lead your company to decline.

As a rule of thumb, professionals follow metrics such as engagement rate per post, likes & comments, total reach, page growth, increase in the number of fans, total impressions, and impression rate per post.

Superiors are mostly impressed by fans' growth, engagement rate per post, and likes+comments.

For example, a high engagement rate is more important than the number of fans or followers your page might have. The metrics you want to include in a social media report should include growth, reach, competitor comparison, engagement rate, and conversions.

Generating sales is the biggest issue of them all

Generating sales out of social media efforts is probably the biggest hurdle that you need to overcome. Let's say that your posts have a low engagement rate, but they bring a lot of traffic to a site that converts. That would be the ideal case because new customers are the lifeblood of an organization.

However, over 35% of respondents in the survey performed by Socialinsider claimed that they could not reach their sales targets on social media.

To overcome this bottleneck, you need to understand that conversions come in time. Social media is an excellent environment for engagement and interaction. People will many times enter social media for research purposes, and they'll contact you directly when they are ready.

Can some industries be bottlenecks in themselves?

Weird enough, some industries can represent bottlenecks. For instance, oil & gas, pharma, and healthcare, public administration & banking will always struggle to leverage the real power of social media. However, as challenging as it may sound, companies that activate in these industries can still succeed online.

What you need to do is to think out of the box, innovate and humanize the brand. This will enable customers to interact with your brand on a personal basis.

Why spend so much time on Reports?

Another common bottleneck for social media managers is the amount of time they take to create complex reports for their customers. Most of them spend over 4 hours on a monthly report.

What you can do to save time is to automate your process and start using advanced analytics tools that generate custom reports.

2020 vs 2019

In the social media sphere, 2020 comes with specific changes. While Quora has become a top platform for B2B users, Instagram is #1 for B2C. Facebook has dramatically decreased in one year, while YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and WhatsApp grew considerably.

To grow your business and ramp up your social media efforts, it is wise to understand how each one of these social media platforms works and begins to focus on the right one for your needs.

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