Report Shows The Comparison Of The Usage Of News Sources And The Extent To Which Consumers Trust Them

  • The masses being forced to stay at their homes are trying to stay updated about the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A recent study compares the trust and usage of a news source from traditional and digital media.
  • And the usage of news received from a person’s social circle and other resources with its trust.

People are trying their best to achieve the most trustworthy news update about the coronavirus pandemic in these crises. GlobalWebIndex released a report comparing the percentage of what people said from where they received the news to the percentage what the masses say which source is the most trustworthy-one for the coronavirus updates.

According to the report, 60% of the people watch news channels broadcasted on TV for getting updates about the coronavirus while only 44% consider it to be a trustworthy source of news for the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of news bulletins on TV, 45% of the population watched them stay updated about the virus while 32% said that they found the news bulletins to be most trustworthy.

55% and 50% of the masses used news websites and government updates for coronavirus-related information respectively, and 32% and 49% considered news websites and government updates the most trustworthy sources. When it comes social media platforms, 47% depend on it for news consumption and only 14% of users consider them the most trustworthy which might be due to the surged spread of the coronavirus misinformation over these apps.

31%, 21% and 12% received updates by having a conversation with friends or family members, from a group chat on any texting app, and from their employers respectively. The trustworthiness of these sources was recorded to be 11%, 8% and 8% respectively.

The report further highlights that 29% of people consider receiving updates about the virus from health organizations while 34% call this source most authentic. In this modern age of technology, there are still people using newspapers and radio to receive updates and according to the report by GlobalWebIndex, 20% use newspapers for the said need while 14% of people use a radio. 16% of people thought of the newspapers to be most authentic while 10% considered radio the most authentic source.

It seems that updates from brands and podcasts are also used for this purpose by the masses and 9% of the people received updates about the situation from brands and only 6% said that they consider the updates from brands to be authentic. Talking about the podcasts, 6% population used them as a news source for the COVID-19 updates and 4% considered them to be authentic.

From the report, it is evident that people use different sources for getting COVID-19 updates but it is recommended to receive updates from a source that provides updates from authentic government and health officials to avoid consuming any coronavirus misinformation.

News channels and government updates are the most trusted sources of information, with social media lagging behind

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