Facebook Is Helping People Obtain Correct Information About Coronavirus By Adding New Features To Health Groups Across The Platform

  • The company has started three new initiatives which will help to provide precise and timely coronavirus related information to the participants of COVID-19 related groups.
  • Discover the details of these three new tools specifically designed to provide the coronavirus related information.
  • Groups being an important tool of Facebook can also help spread conspiracy theories and fake information, and these new tools could be used to combat the spread of these conspiracy theories and misinformation across Facebook.

Facebook has released a new set of features for the health related groups that aim to provide the group members with precise and timely information related to the novel coronavirus. The platform will be providing links to authorized websites containing updates about the coronavirus.

A new educational pop-up feature is being added to the groups which are providing the latest information and updates related to the coronavirus. The pop-up will redirect the users to the platform’s COVID-19 Information Center. The COVID-19 Information Center of Facebook provides authentic updates about the virus from official resources. According to Facebook, this feature is similar to the results the users achieve after making a coronavirus-related search over the app’s interface.

Whenever official health organizations will host a live-stream over the Facebook platform, the admin of the groups related to the coronavirus information will receive a notification. This will help the admins to share the live-stream with the audience of their relevant groups helping the spread of the accurate COVID-19 related information to more people.

The platform has also shared hands with the Centers for Disease Control to generate a new syllabus for the platform’s ‘learning units’ tabs for groups. This will help the group admins to serve their relevant audience with the devoted area for the coronavirus related academic tools within their associations.

Facebook stated that they are initiating with information for the learning units related to the coronavirus about awareness related to the increased risks of catching the virus and health problems the CDC has analyzed based on the communities. The platform will be providing different levels of education on these learning units based on the relevance of different CVID-19 related groups of Facebook. It will be worth checking these units to check if there is any relevant information for your community as it will be regularly updated by the Centers for Disease Control.

The Group tool of Facebook has become popular over the platform and is being used by over a billion active Facebook users every month. This counts for the importance of this tool and the company has seen a huge rise in the usage of this tool after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of groups were created related to COVID-19 after the outbreak of this virus in the UK alone and according to Facebook, more than a million users are now members of one of these groups.

However, some groups are also used to spread conspiracy theories and misinformation. The platform announced this week to take down posts indicating that the 5G transmitters increase the spread of COVID-19. These new tools being the source to correct information will help the platform to combat the spread of these rumors as well as provide updated links to all groups related to the coronavirus.

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