Facebook Gaming's New Tournaments Is A Small Gift for Users During COVID-19

If there is one recent product that is having a great 2020 then that has to be Facebook Gaming. People seem to be loving it and cashing onto the added interest during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook has announced a new feature for it that goes with the name “Tournaments” and it will let people play virtually together in the best way possible.

With Tournaments, Facebook users will now be able to create and organize virtual gaming competitions in a variety of formats - ranging from double elimination to robin-rounds. So, while Tournaments previously was first introduced for live gaming events, it’s final aim has come down to reduce the stress of people during the times of social distancing with gaming entertainment.

Built as a part of Facebook Gaming itself, users are free to create any level of tournament whether they want a casual one or high-level esports.

Besides that, the advantages don’t only stop there. The feature also give creators the liberty to host fan tournaments, stream them and pack it up with Facebook’s fundraising tool to ensure that the money collected for donations should go to the relief funds that need them the most.

Tournaments has been an addition to Facebook Gaming that not only stands as very new but its direct competitors like Twitch and other large streaming platforms have also not thought of such a thing before. Although Twitch Rivals has its focus set on streamers and offers “invite-only” but the platform is yet to be modified according to its large user base.
"Facebook Gaming tournaments is one way we can all #PlayApartTogether. We’re proud to promote @WHO messaging and fight the spread of #COVID19. Stay home, stay safe and stay informed.", explained Mina Abouseif, Facebook's Software Engineer in a blog post.
As per the data collected from Streamlabs, a live-streaming software and analytics provider, Facebook Gaming’s growth year over year has been brilliant with hours watched being triple and hours streamed doubled throughout the time of coronavirus tension.

With Tournaments right implementation and extended lockdowns in almost all parts of the world, the stats will only get better for Facebook Gaming in times to come.

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