Facebook puts coronavirus information first but will it satisfy the critics?

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that his team puts the safety of their users first. And this is why the company is working on several ways to get the most authentic information on their platform.

According to CEO Facebook, the company is launching a knowledge portal on top of the user’s timeline that will include relevant information regarding the disease. The data hub would also integrate safety precautions asserted by WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Facebook says that in the past few days, they have seen a surge in posts, live videos, and Messenger activity. It is expected that the traffic on Facebook and other social media networks will increase as more and more people are staying at home and maintaining social distance.

Facebook CEO also said that their health moderators are constantly checking posts on coronavirus to ensure no illicit messages go live on their platform. His subsidiary, WhatsApp has also launched an information page for health workers, educators, and local government that contains guidance on how to communicate regarding the disease on the platform.

However, Zuckerberg’s intentions were immediately met with a ‘bug.’

On Tuesday, Facebook’s artificial intelligence system faced some technical glitch where most of the factual content posts were blocked, with a message that the content does not meet their standards.

In his response, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to the media and said that a major glitch was seen on Facebook’s system. However, he declined any allegation that the ‘bug’ was caused to remove posts about coronavirus.

During his talks with the press, CEO Facebook also denied sharing information about the user’s location with the government. According to an accusation by the Washington Post, Facebook and many other tech companies will share user’s data with government officials to fight the spread of the virus and assess whether social distancing was being followed.

Zuckerberg refused to be part of any such commitment. However, he along with other tech companies are willing to help combat the pandemic and control the spread of misinformation through various methods.

Source: fb.

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