Facebook Might Be Changing It’s Design With New F Button

Facebook’s design changes quite a lot and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the company is attempting to make it so that its brand identity can be solidified, and this might just be what ends up happening when you look into the new changes that might just be coming to the platform’s overall aesthetic.

The change that we are talking about right now has to do with the big F button that a lot of people are starting to see in the function bar that is at the bottom of the user interface that you are able to take advantage of. This button is quite large and protrudes outwards from the function bar and provides a central focal point that the eyes will inevitably be drawn to, something that makes it pretty clear that Facebook is trying to increase its branding on its own platform.

The F button shrinks when you open the menu which is quite important otherwise it might just end up becoming a bit of an obstruction to whatever it is that you might be trying to do at the end of the day. The effectiveness of this button can be something that people can debate on for quite a significant period of time but one thing that is of note is the fact that this button may unintentionally reference the internet meme “Press F to pay respects” which is definitely going to make this decision a lot more well known than it might have been otherwise. Some might argue that Facebook did this intentionally in order to make it so that their brand could be associated with something humorous that could potentially be very good for them all in all.

Featured screenshot courtesy of: Matt Navarra.
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