Facebook Has Introduced An Exciting New App For Couples Only!

While Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team always has something up their sleeves to make people connect in a better way, this time the company has decided to give life to a new app that is specially made for couples called “Tuned”.

One may call the news as Facebook’s latest obsession with love, considering the social media giant has also recently launched their new dating feature, this app is aimed to let users create a more intimate social network for themselves only.

For now, the app will come out on iOS and users will be able to do a number of activities to keep themselves entertained ranging from sharing their mood, exchanging music or even making a digital scrapbook.

This online “private space” by Facebook was first spotted by The Information and the working of the app revealed that it connects to Spotify for music sharing, along with the option for users to send photos, notes, cards, and voice memos to their loved ones. Besides that, there are a number of custom stickers and reactions when things start to heat up during your personal time.

The best part about the app is that it’s free to use and you don’t need a Facebook ID for it. However, Facebook’s data rules stand applicable for Tuned as well which means that your data can be used for ad-targeting.

At first glance, the app isn’t very different from the normal messaging apps that almost all of us use to send memes, photos or voice notes, but knowing that this space is built only for relationship maintenance, it might prove out to be handy for users, especially with a pinch of some more exciting activities and therapy sessions maybe?

Facebook’s NPE team started working on smaller projects from the last summers. This small group of people has already made a meme generating app and a competitor to Pinterest. However, none of the apps created have gathered the love of its large userbase.

Still, hopes from Facebook and Tuned are alive as the company is working hard to build apps that will remain dedicated to small social network connections - Threads and Close Friends on Instagram have been great examples!

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