Google Maps Now Highlights New Nearby Takeout and Delivery Food Chains

All around the world millions of people are staying home due to the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. The majority of these people at home, in lockdown, are unable to find daily products and are resorting to finding their daily meals through food takeout and delivery services in their neighborhoods.

In light of these recent events, Google has rolled out several new features to aid people and health authorities during the COVID-19. The most notable feature has been added to the Google maps. The new maps app feature comes with two shortcut buttons, which are called “takeout” and “delivery”. This feature helps to highlight all the stores nearby that are open for take-out and delivery. You can find the buttons on the map app’s main interface, under the location search bar.

Clicking these shortcut buttons, takeout and delivery simply list down all the nearest restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains that are open for service limited to takeout and home deliveries. Moreover, full information of menus, reviews and photos of the respective food chain are also available within the app. The process of ordering from the respective restaurant, café or fast-food chain is integrated into the Google maps app. The map will either show the full menu and online ordering portal or will redirect you to the food chain’s website through your default mobile internet app. However, this new Google maps addition does not have any affiliation with its food delivery partner, such as Uber Eats. Hence, one will have to go and grab the meals from the respective food chains on their own, unless the food chain offers home deliveries and take-outs through their private delivery services and facilities.

This new edition is available for Google Maps users all around the world, on all webpages, iOS, and Android interfaces. This new feature has had an immense impact on those unable to find food in their locality, as it has made it easier for people to get their daily meals.

Moreover, in the light of COVID-19, Google has also launched several other similar features on its maps app. Comparable to the takeout and delivery shortcuts, these features are also helpful to those in lockdown. A shortcut button has also been added to help users search for medical help through highlighting all the hospitals, clinics, and health care centers in your vicinity. The maps app has also included an informational hub on COVID-19, which briefs you on the latest statistics, dangers and tips to protect yourself from the virus.

Google Maps Screenshot via Digitalinformationworld
Screenshot: Digitalinformationworld.

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