Google Search May Start Highlighting Certain News From Health And Government Sites

  • Google Search is helping dedicated health websites to promote the coronavirus related information.
  • Google Search will feature important insights related to the coronavirus and how it is going to display these special announcements.
  • Google Search will initially make these announcements available to health agencies and government websites and intends to expand this feature.

Google Search is home to several websites providing news and information related to the coronavirus. Some prominent names include today’s Doodle, PSAs, and the Knowledge Panels. Google Search has been making efforts to help some prominent websites to cover most of the coronavirus related information. The latest effort in this aspect made by the company is that it may start featuring news from health agency websites and other government websites.

Millions of people surf through Google Search daily to get updates about the coronavirus pandemic. Google Search made various changes to its server to provide these millions of people with all the necessary information quickly and easily. Google Search added the said feature to improve its services in providing its users with all the necessary corona-related announcements.

The platform will directly highlight broadcasts from these websites. The company wants to highlight various briefings related to the coronavirus from the government and other health agencies. These special announcements may have an impact on the daily life of the masses. The company is making these efforts to let housebound people know about the coronavirus-related updates.

If you search on Google Search, it will show you these special broadcasts aligned beneath the Uniform Resource Locator path or the page name. You may also see these announcements in the normal snippet explanation.

These results containing rich information related to the coronavirus updates and announcements may show you a summary of the content. You will be able to read the complete content by clicking on ‘view more’. The company states that format may change over time and the browser might not show you the results immediately. Google Search is actively working to improve in this aspect. Users have been displayed a timeline of announcements on the search results page today. An option to show/hide was available and the timeline also provides you extra links to these coronavirus- related news.

Google will initially make these special broadcastings available to government health agency websites. The broadcastings may be related to important news about schools and workplaces closures and may include a new stay at home policies implemented by the government. The company intends to expand in this space and advises other sites to also markup in this respect.

If you are running a website, you will need to add structured statistics to a page so your site will show be able to display these announcements. This is the easiest and company suggested way to make your website display the corona-related news. But there is also an alternate way for doing so in which Google will have to submit broadcastings via the Search Console. The alternate way is still in beta and specifically for those sites which do not have the necessary technical support to add structured data. Websites need to get verification from the Search Console to get access to these broadcastings.

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