Google Adds-on Live Coronavirus Map in Search Results

After adding the SOS alerts and overview of the coronavirus in all related search queries, Google search results are also featuring a world map, highlighting the areas most affected by the pandemic. The map is ‘sourced’ via Wikipedia and World Health Organization and will appear on the right side of the page – where Google shows its ‘Knowledge Panel’ in other search requests.

The map is appearing in global searched today, particularly when searched for COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Besides the map, the right side of the Google search results will include data regarding the confirmed cases of coronavirus. This will be categorized in a chronological order, according to the number of cases in each country. However, a worldwide tally and the ‘searching person’s’ country will be shown at the beginning of the list. The list will include the number of confirmed cases, recoveries, and deaths in each region.

The data card will be followed by a general description of the ailment and prevention tips. This will be courtesy of the World Health Organization and a link to their official webpage are also given alongside each information displayed in the search results, giving the readers access to credible data.

This is another effort by Google to stop the spread of misinformation that is circulating around the World Wide Web, regarding the illness. While health groups and government authorities are working tirelessly to control the pandemic – tech companies are joining hands with the aim to stop the bad actors from spreading illegitimate information and making false claims about its treatment.

In collaboration with the American Government, Google has also launch a website dedicated to providing information about the disease along with local health resources. The search engine is also showing comprehensive information to keep the viewers updated on their results page.

Meanwhile, Facebook has announced that it will be banning ads that are promoting ‘cure’ for the contagious illness, while YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are pinning notices on the user’s feed with links to local and international health authorities.

Other notable companies are also doing their part and urging the internet users to stay at home in order to ‘flatten the curve.’

A coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event that has disrupted lives, economy, and political practices globally. As of this writing, the health hazard is transmitted to 600,859 individuals worldwide and the numbers keep growing each hour.

However, the efforts by Google and other tech companies to show updated and legitimate information amongst the general public has enhanced awareness. This has also led a major portion of the global population to follow government guidance and practice self-isolation by staying within their homes for extended periods.

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