YouTube Shorts Rolled Out for Some Users and Here’s How It Looks Like

People enjoy short video content that provides entertainment without having to stick to it for long and it is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. Seeing this, the long content format platform, YouTube also experimented with a new format in November 2018 by introducing a 15-second long Stories feature.

YouTube did not stop there, it has have been working to create something like TikTok with the name, Shorts, to introduce comparatively a little longer video content feature. Now, it is finally here and has been rolled out to some of the users.

It seems like YouTube is just testing the feature with a small number of users, and for many of them, it is appearing differently. It either appears under Watch History, or separately appears as a video suggestion is currently played videos and for some along the Stories section.

The new feature was first revealed by Mishaal Rehman, who also upload screenshots of how the Shorts appear for different users.

The Shorts can be differentiated from the Stories from the way information is shown on it as time, title and the creator’s name, unlike the channel’s thumbnail that appears for Stories.

Shorts has various lengths for its videos and according to one of the users, short length videos of vertical orientation might automatically be converted into Shorts format. It is not yet clear how to upload videos for Shorts but it is expected to be for all creators, unlike Stories which is limited to popular ones.

Users might not be able to search for a short video, like on Instagram and TikTok as well, but it allows them to like or dislike it along with an option to subscribe to the creator directly from that window.

Not many details about Shorts are yet available but seems like Google is trying hard to compete with ByteDance’s TikTok. As it already has launched an app, Tangi, in January for indie creators to share DIY and short videos.

Featured screenshot: Twitter / JasonBayton.

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