Snapchat Creates A Filter-Based Game To Bust Corona Virus Myths

If you notice quite carefully then it’s not only the coronavirus that the whole humanity is struggling with, but it’s also the trauma that we bear on a daily basis due to the misinformation related to this infectious disease that spreads around rapidly. However, the good news is that our favorite picture app, Snapchat is ready to combat it - all with the help of a filter!

Snapchat has introduced COVID-19 Myth Busting game in the past week. It serves as an interactive filter that gives user the options to make a choice between fact or fiction related to the evil coronavirus. While of course, you can take a selfie to share the results with your friends, this filter will also enable you to invite the same people for a 10-question game.

Once a user accepts your invitation, they will be presented statements regarding coronavirus one by one to decide whether what they see on the screen is a myth or true fact.

In the entire game, you might get questions like “Thermal scanners have the ability to detect that someone is infected with COVID—19” (just for your information, it’s false), and “Spraying chlorine all over your body will not kill COVID-19” (we hope you got that, it’s true).

All of the information that you will see in the game has been provided by The World Health Organisation (WHO). Snapchat wanted to make sure that there shouldn’t be any room for doubt for people who might learn the truth through this filter.

Snapchat’s attempt of providing credible coronavirus facts to its massive database of users has been very unique as compared to Facebook that chose to put the information at the top of its newsfeed.

Nonetheless, both these social media giants aren’t alone. Google Maps is also spreading awareness in such a way that the app warns people to call the doctor in-person before they run to the hospital on their own, which obviously increases the chances of spreading the virus to others.

Snapchat's new filter does not only serve its purpose in preventing misinformation but it can also play an interesting role in connecting friends who have been away for a while due to social distancing.

As everyone in the world is doing his or her best in the little capacity, let’s hope we finally get to see a corona-free day again soon!

Featured screenshots: Mashable.

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