Pinterest is taking online shopping to another level with its Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest is a platform considered to be an inspiration for not just shopping but home décor ideas and so many other things and now the platform is moving towards a merchant program all aimed to engage potential customers as nowadays the majority of the customers prefer spending on online channels.

We all know how much the corona outbreak and the quarantine are affecting us and people are trying out different things in the self-isolation period including increased interest in home décor, self-care and kid activities ideas.

The social distancing during the past two weeks saw an increased interest of people on Pinterest with searches for keywords like home organization. More than 180% searches included keywords for makeup tutorial for beginners and around 64% searches included keyword for kid-friendly recipes and around 19% search included spay day at home keyword.

According to the unprecedented change in the modern retail due to coronavirus, Pinterest is launching some new shopping features for its users as people are spending more on shopping and this new feature by Pinterest is aimed to help retailers of all sizes to be discovered in the places where the users of Pinterest are most interested to shop.

Here’s some insight on the Verified Merchant Program

According to the announcement by Pinterest, the launch of the new Verified Merchant Program also includes some new conversion metrics and dynamic retargeting as well.

Pinterest will be verifying the merchants through its own particular criteria and the merchants will be reviewed manually before verifying.

The feature of a blue checkmark for verified profiles on different social networks remains the same for the verified merchant on Pinterest as well.

The Verified Merchant profile also gets a specific ‘Shop’ tab at the top of its profile which displays are the shoppable products provided by the Merchant and all in one place.

The products provided by verified merchants will be showing up within specific shopping tabs such as related products.

Do you want your Merchant profile to get verified? Here’s how to do that:

In the beginning, Pinterest will be launching this Verified Merchant program with already vetted selected number of retailers but all the merchants are eligible to apply for verification as long as they fulfill the following three requirements’

Connected Catalog
For quick Verification, the Merchant needs to upload its product feed and that is the quickest way to get your products in the feed of Pinterest.

Install the Pinterest Tag
To track the actions coming from potential customers from Pinterest, retailers are required to install the Pinterest tag on the Website. And finally meet the Merchant guidelines.

For now, this Verified Merchant Program is only available to the merchants residing in the United States but Pinterest is expected to start receiving applications from other countries in the last of this year.

Why should a Merchant verify its profile?

There are so many perks for a verified merchant profile on Pinterest.

The verified Merchant profiles will have early access to organic and paid conversion insights as compared to other profiles and these conversion insights will include data of site visits, checkouts, and sales over multiple attribution windows as well.

Another perk of being verified is that the merchants can have updates in its profile catalogs including new metrics, user experience enhancements, real-time feed ingestion, and feed ingestion scheduling as well.

The verified Merchant accounts can have the perk of dynamic retargeting as the advertisers can reach its previous engaged customers by retargeting them with similar products on Pinterest like the ones they searched in the past.

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