No April Fools' Jokes By Google This Year - A Sane Decision Indeed!

With every passing day of the coronavirus lockdown, all we get to hear is an increase in the number of infected people, deaths or economies on the verge of collapse. While memes on the internet still manage to keep us going through these depressing days and how the word ‘quarantine’ gave a more positive meaning in the current scenario, there is one thing for sure; we can’t afford April Fools’ jokes this year!

Fortunately enough, this is not only our own opinion. Google also agrees to what we have said above and therefore the company has also announced to skip the April Fools’ Day pranks this year.

In an official email sent by Google Head of Marketing Lorraine Twohill to the Business Insider the company has said to take a year off from the April Fool’s tradition, which was celebrated on every 1st April before, all in response to pay homage to people who are fighting the battle against COVID-19. In this hard time, Google is preferring to help people as much as they can and promised that the April Fools’ Jokes will be back next year which might just be much better than your expectations.

The email by Twohill was also sent to the managers at Google to make sure that any smaller joke projects managed by different specific teams should be immediately shut down.

Despite introducing us to some of the most amazing products in its history, Google has also made its name for brilliant April Fool Pranks as well. But as the world is not ready for any more shock, even in the name of jokes, it is recommended for other brands as well to postpone or cancel their plans for 1st April.

The decision from Google came out after knowing that the US now stands at the top spot in the list of countries that have been badly affected by the coronavirus. The increase in number of patients in the US has been worse than China as well. Millions of Americans have also become jobless with due date of bills approaching soon.

Last year, Microsoft also banned the bad tradition of April Fools’ Day, as according to the company "these stunts have limited positive impact and can actually result in unwanted news cycles".

Photo: AFP

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