Google launches website and tools dedicated to COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus has created a panic situation all over the globe. While citizens are strictly advised to stay home by government officials, health authorities are crumbling under the weight of growing diagnoses.

In these crucial times, various organizations are lending a helping hand in their community by rationing groceries, providing educational and entertainment materials, donating blood and simply reaching out with emotional support.

Tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are also doing their part during the pandemic and preventing misinformation from spreading on their platforms through different protocols. They are also highlighting relevant information regarding the illness to keep the visitors updated.

And now Google has introduced a dedicated website that would include comprehensive information about the coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a type of respiratory illness that was first ‘identified’ in the Wuhan district of China, in December 2019. Since then, the contagious disease has spread like wildfire with over 284,000 diagnoses and 11,000 + deaths globally.

To help the users, reach medical safety in a timely manner, Google has launched its ‘Information and Resource Website.’ Apart from general information such as symptoms, prevention, and statistics regarding the disease, the website will include directions to the health departments and access to test results.

The page also includes a ‘resources’ page with the help of YouTube which will consist of videos on various topics such as stay at home tips, family activities, meditation guide, recipes, and indoor exercises.

Google also plans to add more information as they become available. In their statement, the search giant said that coronavirus is the most searched topic globally and the company wants to ensure that the worldwide population stays updated with the correct information.

COVID-19 Google Trends

Alongside the website, Google has added a COVID-19 warning message to all medical-related queries on Maps. The message is brief but directs the individuals to call their doctor before visiting the specific COVID-19 office if they suspect of being infected with the coronavirus.

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