These YouTube Channels Will Help You Learn Something New During The COVID-19

These days with so many channels and content creators, finding a high-quality, informative and relevant video has become one big challenge on YouTube. Although the platform does suggest the best content based on its own algorithms, but you cannot place your bet on it anymore.

So, as in such a scenario searching for the right video has now become a skill, we are here with our own little contribution (while going off the track as well in this quarantine time) by telling you the name of five channels that you should definitely keep an eye on.

Our reason for selecting these channels has been unbiased. We genuinely love their content and also certainly feel that these are the channels that cannot only keep you glued by introducing you to something with every other video, but their work can also help you gain new skills in this free time that you are enjoying with your family.

ChrisFix - DIY Car Repairs

Okay, we do agree that his videos are too long to bear and he needs to take care of the unnecessary clips at times, but his automotive repair content is always so well documented that not a lot of YouTubers can beat that! The best part is that he chooses repair jobs and models of every type, just to connect to a wide range of audiences and therefore his videos do revolve around oil changes, heater core replacements, tie rods, jump-starting, tire patching, and brake bleeding.

ChrisFix understands that every model of a car involves different complexities for the same repair job and hence in his tutorials, he clearly explains the process in such a way that it becomes easy for the viewer, even if the models of their cars differ.

This Old House For Home Repair!

This Old House has been around for a very long time now. It’s that one channel that I used to love watching while growing up into an adult. Their philosophy is simple; if you can’t afford to hire professionals for particular home repair jobs or they aren’t easily accessible (like right now during the COVID-19) This Old House will guide you about the repairing jobs ranging from toilet installation to drywall repair, clearing a clogged drain and everything.

They make their tutorials with real experts from the industry and therefore their advice is always great!

Learn To Cook With Adam Ragusea

You may already know of many great cooking channels on YouTube by the name of Food WishesBon Appetit, and Binging with Babish, etc. but if there is one food personality that you can relate a lot too, especially if you still only know cheddar cheese omelets then it has to be Adam Ragusea.

As Adam is from radio and journalism background, he tends to start off his recipe with some serious scientific backup of his menu. He then moves on to cooking with simpler methods and therefore one can easily feel that his recipes are highly approachable. He works in the kitchen like a truly passionate chef and as a result, you get more insights regarding the dish he makes, instead of the unnecessary jokes, which many others tend to rely on. We have tried some of his recipes and we can bet that if you pay attention to his videos, you would definitely be able to prepare some amazing meals for yourself in little time.

P.S If you’re looking to make bread or homemade pizza in your quarantine time, he is the guy you should follow right away.

LAZY Game Reviews (LGR) - Retro PC & Gaming Tech

Clint’s wit, smartness and wide range of technological interests makes this channel the only one in the list that offers diverse content. However, people love his Greatest Hits roster of video subtypes: retro PCs, retro games, electronics thrifting, and weird old gadgets, the most.

Furthermore, Clint reviews new games from time to time and even puts up instructive content like this “How To Pick A Retro Gaming PC”. His talent is also expanded to a creating a 486 DOS PC from the ground up on his own.

If you’re a fan of retro gaming, old computers and retro PC builds, Clint is the guy you should definitely subscribe to on YouTube.

The All Weird Primitive Technology

You may have seen a video from this channel before - the one in which the host builds an entire tiled roof hut from scratch. Although we totally agree that the majority of what they create isn’t possible for an ordinary person to replicate, but still watching them will make your jaw drop to the floors. At the same time, there are some of his videos that can make you learn something new - even if it’s just knowing "huh, so that's how people did that".

Our recent favorite video by this channel includes the construction of tiled roof hut and bow and arrows.

Nevertheless, the list doesn’t stop here and we don’t want it to stop. It’s quarantine time and we want suggestions from you as well. Let’s help each other to enjoy this time and drop your suggestions regarding the best YouTube channels in the comments!

Stay safe and stay inside!

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