Instagram Revamps Again: Tests A New Selfie Stickers for Stories

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application, but lately, it has become more commercial and marketing/sales oriented. Many people use it for the promotion of their businesses, products, and services.

If you are an entrepreneur or an influencer, or you just want to share the picture of food you are having, posting live-updates on Instagram Stories is the “in” way these days to let people know what you are up to! The increased influx of influencers has exponentially increased the popularity of the Stories feature. And you can check the attention your Stories are gathering through Instagram Stories Insights feature.

Now, considering how vital and useful this application has become for people, Instagram is planning to launch a new set of animated selfie stickers for Stories, as spotted by Vblahout and shared by Matt Navarra.

This option is currently available to limited users. It will enable a 'Selfie' sticker option on your Story. These rounded, selfie stickers can be used and re-used for as many times as you wish within a single Stories frame.

If this plan works out, this is going to be an amazing addition to the Stories feature. It will help make your Stories more fun, more useful for marketing and sales purposes and it will provide an exciting experience for the users.

However, we shall wait till this feature is available for everyone on Instagram, and not for some users in some specific regions only.

With the current worldwide situation of lock-down, people are home-bound, and this has garnered excessive use of all the applications, Instagram included.

But even without this reason, Instagram is known for its constant upgrading measures. It keeps updating its features very often. Most of these additions are beneficial for the business owners, whose marketing and sales strategies depend on Instagram.

But in the past 3 months of 2020 only, Instagram has pushed its developing team to work hard and has successfully introduced several new features like the option to reply to Stories with a GIF, addition of Location and Hashtags to the Story Highlights, addition of new modes to Boomerang, the addition of Effects QR Codes and Effects on Stories, tests for launching Mirror mode for the Stories camera and much more.

And, with surety, it can be said, that this is not the end. Instagram will keep upgrading itself until it achieves perfection!

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