Instagram gearing to come up with a new feature - MIRROR

Whatever comes on Instagram becomes favorite of everyone fast. Take an example of Stories. The feature got famous instantly when the Facebook-owned social media app launched it; however, Snapchat was the first who introduced it.

Yet, the social media app have not sit calmly after making stories. It has been working on it to make it cool by adding more options and tools. Instagram introduced several new features including reply to Stories with GIF which is followed by attempting to add video trimming feature in Stories. Yet, the team has been active still. Currently, it is geared up to test the newest featured Mirror.

Mirror is under development phase which will allow users to split their camera screen into different reflected views. This feature will split the screen and let you capture your picture that would be two, three or multiple times on screen in different designs.

Jane Manchu Wong, an app researcher, was one of the firsts to share the feature via screenshots, featuring the five layouts of Mirror camera mode, while Alessandro Paluzzi, another mobile developer, posted a video in which his keyboard split either two times in rectangular mode, three times in triangular mode and five times in star shape. He tested other modes as well.

It seems Instagram posses a very creative team that knows how to attract users to spend more time on its platform and make non-users to make account on it. Therefore the app is testing other features as well.

Introduction to Mirror feature will increase the users of the application as it will cater users to make appealing visual content that could attract more users and followers by giving them multiple modes and option to capture pictures and record videos for the Stories.

It can be hoped that this feature will be launched soon and will be as bright as it is being hyped otherwise Instagram would have to face the music which no corporation have to face at all.

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