Facebook Helps Spread COVID-19 Awareness through a Fancy Frames Gallery!

As the king of social media, Facebook has to stay aware of the ongoing trends in the world. Over the years, the social networking service has helped spread awareness of various issues going on around the world. So, it was only fair for it to do the same when it came to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, social media industry commentator Matt Navarra tweeted about Facebook’s Frame gallery getting a makeover all of a sudden. He attached a couple of screenshots to his tweet to explain what his tweet meant.

One of the screenshots showed colorful frames that were either in demand or in use by Navarra’s Facebook friends. It’s interesting to note that almost all the latest frames are associated with the coronavirus pandemic, advising people to stay home.

In case you are not familiar with profile frames, let us explain! These frames allow users to demonstrate creativity or show support for a cause, an occasion or even their favorite team in case a tournament is going on, by incorporating design overlays and text to the boundaries of their images.

That being said, Facebook’s actions are quite commendable. At such a time, it is pretty important to advise people to practice precautions. And what better way to convey this message than by allowing users to have fun at the same time!

Facebook’s Frame gallery is getting fancy

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