Instagram adds more visibility and Linked-up options

Improvement is a continuous journey, and if something becomes stagnant, it starts rotting. Instagram is one such application which continuously keeps improving. Its developers not only add new features, they often remove some features that do not prove to be any useful. For example, the “Following Activity” tab was removed last year only. It was initially launched to let the users interact more with their followers, as per their interests. In this way, they could find other content beside their regular feed. But few months ago, Instagram realized that this feature was not really helping people, because many people were un-aware that through this feature, their activity was resurfacing. It was also not useful because the Insta Explore gives some-what similar experience in terms of latest content aside from the regular feed. So, Instagram did the right thing by removing the feature.

However, there a new development is making rounds that Instagram is planning to include “Active” feature on the Direct tab. This will most likely make it closer to what Facebook Messenger offers. Of course, Instagram will look into the viability and whether it serves a better purpose for the users or not with the passage of time.

There are many people who use this photo and video sharing app for the promotion of their businesses, products and services.

So, to improve their connectivity, Instagram has planned to launch some amazing features like Hashtags and Location to the Story Highlights, and introducing Effect QR Codes and Effect Stories for business owners to enhance their marketing and sales policies through them.

To help them gain more visibility, we have recently learned that Instagram is working on adding a new “Links” tab for business accounts. This is being considered as a way to let businesses set up links to gift cards from Stories stickers and profiles. This will let customers help the business. Hypothetically speaking, this remarkable feature can help in many ways, for example, in Fashion industry, it can especially help the influencers and models to promote their fashion more efficiently. Undoubtedly, this added feature will enhance the visibility of the profiles and will further establish Instagram’s role as a marketing platform.

Screenshots courtesy of: Jane Manchun Wong

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