Instagram Rekindles: The app plans to launch new features and remodel a few old ones

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. Since its initial launch in 2010, its developers have constantly shown improvement by adding and revamping its features and tools quite often.

Instagram is a user-friendly application, and because of its easy-to-use features, it has now attained the status of being one of the most used social media platforms. Many businesses have made it an indispensable part of the marketing and sales policies of their products and services for their consumers.

Recently, we reported that Instagram is planning to allow the addition of Location and Hashtags to the Story Highlights, which garnered collective applause from savvy Instagram users. This modification will allow more accessibility to the profile and will provide better chances of marketing of businesses and products.

The additional feature of displaying a QR code linked to your Instagram profile page in your marketing materials is another efficient way to gain more followers and garner more engagements with the consumers.

Now, a little birdie has given another good news! Instagram is planning to launch Effect QR Codes and Effect Stories. With these modifications, the engagement rates with the consumers will reach new heights, and the marketing of your businesses and products or services will become more pleasantly dramatic, fun, and swift!

Instagram is working on Effect Stories and Effect QR Codes

There are several ways by which users can find and integrate Augmented Reality effects in the app.

They can be found in the Effect gallery, where select effects from the accounts you follow and the effects on the platform are shown.

The Instagram camera can store effects if you save them.

The AR effects can be found on the Instagram profile of the person who created them.

On the Stories of people who are using effects.

Through a direct link to an effect.

Promotional effects only appear in the Insta camera tray for people who have either used them before or have saved them for future use.

So, the modification of new Effect Stories basically means a collection of stories that use a particular Augmented Reality Effect.

These features sound really promising and they will most likely make the overall Instagram user experience more exhilarating.

But that’s not all that little birdie reveled recently! We also got to know that Instagram is planning to launch an improved “Discover Accounts” feature too.

Now, this is where it gets technical and interesting. We already know about the “Discover People” feature, which aims to connect users to the people they may already now. When you allow Instagram to access your contacts on Facebook or in your phonebook, the app finds anyone amongst your contacts who has an Instagram account. If you wish to continue seeing the updates of a particular profile, all you need to do is to hit the “Follow” button and that’s all!

But with the new “Discover Accounts” feature, the users will be able to connect to creators and brands based on their personal and professional interests!

This is a brilliant idea and will be a huge hit amongst the Instagram users around the globe.

Instagram’s updated "Discover Accounts" feature aims to connect users to creators and brands based on their interests

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