TikTok is Expected To Introduce Instagram-Like Profile Redesign

It seems like TikTok is planning to remain on the roll as according to the recent developments, the company now plans to improve the user experience with a new profile design which not-so-surprisingly looks like an imitation of Instagram profiles.

As first reported by Taylor Lorenz from the New York Times, the redesign primarily includes shifting of avatar and follower count to the left, while making sure that there is more space and focus on the user’s bio this time around. She further shared the screenshot of the latest development in one of her tweets.

Later, a spokesperson from TikTok also confirmed that the developers are currently testing new ideas of profile redesign and more functionalities, only to make sure that users are able to engage with their audience on a more personalized level.

Although looking at the profile redesign, one might say that TikTok is just behaving like another tech company trying to copy all the trending features, however, in the social media world, they are not alone and neither such a practice has occurred for the first time. In fact, prior to them, Instagram itself borrowed the idea of introducing “Stories” from Snapchat long ago and sometimes they do also take a hint of new features from its competitors.

Moreover, Facebook is also keeping an eye on the fast-growing app and is currently under the process of testing a video editing tool in Brazil with the name of Reels - that will be based on TikTok’s best features like speed adjustment and borrowing audio from other videos.

Maybe TikTok knows how to be more entertaining for its users with such small changes as after all, the company has achieved the landmark of 1.5 billion downloads last November and was even the third most downloaded non-gaming app in 2019 as well.

But, one certainly cannot predict if giving an Instagram-like appearance of profiles will work as a new wonder for TikTok or not.

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