Again another layout change: Instagram users are not in the favor of new update

We live in an era of digitalization. Having a social media platform means having a medium through which you can communicate with various people without the fear of facing them at all. The society we live in forces us to be someone they want us to be. So, social media means having our own personal space where we can be ourselves without the fear of being judged. People use different social media platforms to interact with a variety of people and to expose themselves to new kind of things.

Although there are various social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, nowadays Instagram is gaining a lot of momentum.

There are various people who try to make their lives as normal as possible. People usually don’t prefer changes in their lives. Meanwhile, the growing Instagram brings updates every once in a while. Sometimes people do like the change but sometimes it brings an outrage.

Instagram’s new layout update

Whenever there’s a new update in the app, there’s always a hot debate around it. So the latest update has a lot of people hating against it. Recently, Instagram launched a new update for several users.

Screenshot: Narcity

Instagram changed the layout of the app and people do not like it at all. With the new updated version, when users visit a profile, the option to click on the button to scroll through the account is not available anymore. Instead of this you can either click on their photos separately or see their tagged photos only. Don’t worry, the scroll is not gone completely instead when you click on any picture of a profile you have the option to scroll up or down. So this means that you can still scroll through the pictures instead of clicking on them individually.

Previously message and following button were under the number of followers and post but with this updated version you’ll find the button under the profile bio.

User feedback about the new version of Instagram

There’s outrage about this new updated version of Instagram. People are spreading their hate against these features on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. but not all people hate this version instead some people find it friendlier than the previous version. So I guess with time people will find this version quite friendly as well.

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