Samsung Removes the Storage Cleaner App from their Phones – Here’s Why!

Recently, it hit the news that Samsung is using a Storage Cleaner app in their phones that is sourced from a shady Chinese company known as Qihoo 360. The company is known to be involved in stealing user data.

The news spread like a wildfire in the Android community and the smartphone manufacturer finally had to release a statement mentioning how much assistance they are taking from the Qihoo 360. In the statement, the company clarified that they are only sending generic data to the sourcing company and other than that, the whole process of scanning and removing junk is done by themselves.

To be on the safe side, Samsung has reportedly removed the Storage Cleaner app from Device Care app from its smartphones that support Android 10, 9 and 8.1 operating system. According to a Reddit user and developer, Samsung has updated The Device Care app but didn't mention anything related to Qihoo 360 removal in its change catalog.

The development has been spotted by the APK analysis by Javkhlan K., who explained that the library sourced from Qihoo 360 is now removed from the Samsung. In short, you do not have to worry about releasing your data to an unreliable company anymore.

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