Google Translator Dark Mode to start rolling out on Android and iOS

Dark Mode is really becoming a thing these days as evident from the dark theme release from a lot of social media and tech giants.

Google Translator, as we all know, is one of the major product by Google, which is also on the line to release their dark mode for both the platforms. The version 6.5 of Google Translator comes with a dark mode that will be available on both Android and Apple devices.

We have seen the dark mode coming on Android for a long time and now it is in the news. Although the dark mode is not as expected by the users, it is not the worst. According to 9to5Google the dark theme is not like Google’s other dark themes and the text color is also not aesthetically amazing, but we are expecting it to be better in the future.

This new version of Google Translator is also available for iOS 13 users, which is no doubt a more polished version.

The dark mode has not rolled out to general users yet, but it will soon be available on all devices.

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