TikTok Becomes the Breeding Home for Young Indie Video Creators, Ditching Celebs!

The short-form video app hailing from Beijing's ByteDance is gaining massive fan-base over a short time. This immense growth has proffered many creators to feel like no less than celebrities.

It's worth noting that despite all the other social media platforms are invaded by influencers, showcasing their charm and glamour, TikTok paves its way towards independent creators. Seemingly, mainstream stars have yet to route their glamour though this lip-syncing app.

However, TikTok is indeed home to some famous lip-syncing, but it is better known for act-out memes with music and other sound clips, getting endlessly recreated and remixed among its own users.

Since its debut, Indians score up high on every list of world's top TikTok stars. Many reasons result in such a high score. More than half of India's population is under the age of 25, and more than 500M Indians have access to the internet today, all thanks to cheap smartphones and internet in the region. However, not all of them can take to Twitter and express themselves through finely chosen words. In fact, a large part of India's new internet users —some are illiterate and others speaking in dialects, find this video-platforms easier.

A tale of two apps

The primary incorporation of TikTok, Musical.ly, grew popular among digital indigenes because of its novelty value and user-friendly video production interface.

Musical.ly was established in 2014 and had a steady surge in app downloads and user choice. On July 6th, 2015, Musical.ly attained number one in the iTunes charts, popping almost overnight.

In 2016, a China-based company, Bytedance rolled out a version of Musical.ly, named as Douyin to the Chinese market before taking it to the international market as TikTok in 2017. Bytedance then timely realized the potential of this platform, particularly among the young generation, it acquired Musical.ly and turned it into what we know TikTok today.

TikTok —a breeding home to talented youngsters, aspiring to be celebs!

TikTok provides numerous ways to be famous on its video sharing platform. One of the significant ways is exploiting your own hotness. Angel like face boys with sharp cheekbones and foreboding colored eyes swarm on the platform. Also, girls with shiny hair, winged liners, and seductive pouts define female characters on this rapidly rising video app.

All those alternative-looking TikTok stars can be called as e-boys and e-girls, mugging for their cam in chains and pink dye in their rooms. But, regardless, the fascination is the same: People eventually like to spare a look at beautiful and glamorized faces. And you don't really have to do much for it.

Over just three years, this app, which brings new sensations among youngsters, became one of the widely used social media networks across the world.

Its premise has enthralled youngsters almost everywhere, as we can have a look at the numbers reported by the Social Tracker platform.

This list consists of 10 TikTok accounts. It shows that only two brand accounts have taken the top positions (one of them is of course TikTok's own official account and the other is Live TV). The others are of individuals or independent video creators, emerging as talented lads with huge fan-base and attract millions of followers.

Here comes the newly risen internet sensation, folks. It is big, dominated by emerging markets, video, mobile, meme-ified, and goes viral both offline and online. So if you haven't been paying attention to this side of the internet, now is the time!

This chart highlights the 10 most followed TikTokers of 2020 (so far).

The 10 Most Popular TikTok Users in Feb 2020 (Chart)
Chart's data based on Social Tracker February 2020 List.

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