Security Report Reveals Hackers Are Attacking Apple's Mac Devices More Often Now

The battle between Windows PC and Mac has been going on for decades now, and there are a lot of things that people on each side say in order to make it seem like the side that they have chosen is the one that is going to do the best in terms of making sure that no matter what happens, they will have the experience that they are looking for. One argument that is often used to support Macs in favor of Microsoft Windows has to do with the level of security that you would get, something that has led to the widespread opinion that Macs tend to be a lot more secure from hackers and malware than Windows operating system could ever be.

However, a recent security report by Malwarebytes has revealed that things may not be the way they used to be anymore, and a big part of this has to do with the fact that attacks against Macs are increasing, and have been following this trend for quite some time now. This seems to indicate that Apple's Macs are not quite as safe from harm as was previously thought, and that you should try and take security into your own hands regardless of whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC.

Attacks against Macs went up by an astonishing 400% last year which indicates a concentrated effort among hackers to renew their focus against this once safe bastion.

"Among the top 10 Mac threats (for both consumers and businesses) are a mix of PUPs and adware. The PUPs are a variety of mostly “cleaning” apps that have been determined as unwanted not just by Malwarebytes, but by the Mac user community at large.", explained Malwarebytes in its 2020 State of Malware Report.

Attacks against Windows computers on the other hand have gone down 2%, which is not exactly an extremely high number but it does tend to indicate that security measurements on Microsoft end is marginally improving, which is a far better situation than it getting astronomically worse which is what is essentially happening in the world of Macs at this current point in time all in all.

Sorry to break it to you, the cyber hackers are now targeting Mac computers more often than Windows PC

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