Are we Broadcasting Ourselves on the Internet or the Trend is Changing?

Since the internet came into existence, all we care about is broadcasting ourselves to the world. No matter if you have got a new job, a new cell phone, traveling somewhere or merely grabbing a bite in the restaurant – it is irresistible to not tell it to the world through our so-called social media identities.

Now, the trend is changing. The notion of broadcasting yourself to the world is declining day by day and it is nothing but good news to the world. The rate of broadcasting on the internet declined from 27% in 2014 to 20% in 2019. The data was collected by the GlobalWebIndex.

From what we hear, people are more resistant to share the details of their lives on the internet. Guess, no place is safe anymore? Sharing too much of one’s details is not as great as it might sound.

Although mostly people’s intentions are to keep others aware of what’s going on in their lives through one single platform, but it has led to making people’s lives more transparent as compared to how they were before.

Creating online identities for the sake of self-impression is great, but only to some extent. Too much of anything can turn into a disease rather than a medicine. Hopefully, the numbers will drop in the coming years bringing the good news that people are focusing more on being happy rather than creating their self-impression on the internet.

Percentage of global internet users who report "sharing the details of what I'm doing in my daily life" as a reason why they use social media

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