Top 10 Most-Followed Facebook Pages (2020)

We are living among the generation of social media influencers and creators, nowadays people prefer having more likes and followers instead of real friends. If you have followers in Ks voila you’re a star, If you have followers in thousands but really creative you need to try harder to gain more attention that’s the motto of social media platforms.

The number of likes or followers indicates the interest or popularity of a specific person or a brand or product and that is why likes have way much importance on social media platforms as they play a very vital role in building up a reputation on Internet.

To help like depriving users gain more popularity with a huge number of likes, various companies sell likes to users from fake accounts and these results in issues for advertising companies as an abundance of fake likes without credibility means distorted user metrics.

According to the Terms of Service agreement of Facebook, a user is allowed to only have one accounts, yet, there are plethora of fake accounts, content and pages wandering around the social network. This is a never-ending war for social networks, although Facebook trying hard to remove fake account, yet according to a recent estimate, the number of active fake accounts on Facebook is more than 390 million.

We hope Facebook will adopt more effective strategies to curb the fake accounts problem on its platform this year.

SocialBlade's updated list highlights top most liked pages on Facebook, so we thought to give that list a visual touch in the form of a chart (featured below).

Argentinian Footballer, Lionel Messi ranked at 10th position as an account with more than 90 million followers whereas the Internetmedia account from the USA named Tasty ranked at 9th position with a follower count of 97 million. Another US-based actor named Vin Diesel took the 8th spot with 97 million follower counts. Colombian musician Shakira ranked at 7th position with 101 million followers. The account of a Spain footballer club named FC Barcelona was ranked at 6th position with 103 million followers and Coca-Cola ranked at 5th spot with 107 million followers. Spain based footballer club Real Madrid C.F. ranked at 4th spot with 110 million followers and account of football player Cristiano Ronaldo ranked at 3rd spot with 122 million followers.

South Korean Product and Services Company Samsung took the 2nd position with 162 million accounts and the Facebook account named took the first spot as the most followed Facebook account with 214 million followers.

If you take a look at the most followed accounts you’ll see that four of these accounts belonged to the U.S. entities, two of the users with most followers were belong to Spain whereas other accounts belonged to South Korea, Portugal, Colombia, and Argentina respectively.

These Are the World's 15 Most Popular Facebook Pages

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