Report Suggests 1 in 5 Facebook's Active Accounts May Be Bogus

Facebook has been a very important part of public consciousness for several years now, and it’s fair to say that it’s a pretty successful company if you think about it all in all. One of the markers of the platform’s success has been its incredible growth rate. Everyone remembers the day Facebook hit one billion accounts, and now if you look at the numbers they are even more impressive. At this point in time, the social media juggernaut has a whopping 2.4 billion monthly active users, a number that seems to indicate that about one out of every three humans alive in the world today use Facebook at the very least on a monthly basis.

However, recent research by Financial Times indicates that these numbers may not be quite as reliable as you might initially think. Facebook actually has a huge problem with fake accounts. This is a problem that most people are familiar with, however you might not realize the true extent of this problem. The fact of the matter is that according to FT estimates Facebook has around four hundred million fake accounts, something that really casts a lot of doubt on the 2.4 billion monthly user number that Facebook touts in order to prove how fast it’s growing.

Facebook’s fake numbers problem

It’s not surprising that there are so many bogus accounts when you see just how easy it is to signup on the platform. Even though Facebook has routinely stated that users are not allowed to create fake accounts, yet, it appears the tech giant is unable to prevent them from doing so. All you really need to do in order to make a Facebook account would be to provide a name as well as an email address, something that makes it incredibly easy to create a fake account all in all.

It’s very cheap to buy fake accounts in bulk as well. In fact, fake Facebook accounts are some of the cheapest things that you can possibly buy, with each individual count costing about 50 cents or even less and orders of 50 or so accounts being common. Many sites and agencies offer this service, and once you have paid via PayPal or Bitcoin you will receive a spreadsheet that has all of the details regarding these accounts including the email address and password used to create them. The accounts that can be bought for this price are going to be pretty basic, but you can buy more realistic accounts at higher prices.

People use fake accounts for lots of different reasons. Whether they want to try and spread a certain kind of message or they are trying to promote or they want more followers so that they can establish themselves as influencers that would be able to market products for brands.

These numbers are quite shocking when you think about how Facebook has constantly discussed the number of fake accounts it gets rid of on a regular basis. Whether or not Facebook has intentionally allowed these accounts to exist is currently unclear, but the platform definitely benefits from them because of the fact that it can use these numbers to project an image that they are growing at a steady rate, thereby proving that you can’t really trust the numbers that you would get from these big name corporations.

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