Top 10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels of 2019

2019 was an overall progressive year for all social media platform but YouTube set the benchmark so high for others that it seems all the rumors about “video content is the future of content marketing” is all true. In 2019, YouTube not only launched a separate fashion entity for fashion just like music, but it also changed its terms and conditions as well as monetization features. With these new policies, content creators and users both must comply with the rules if they want to continue watching their favorite videos. Moreover, YouTube also made paid premium YouTube videos, free for all which further raised the bar for content creators. With all these reforms it might seem that content creators on YouTube are suffering, however, this doesn’t seem so true considering there are so many channels growing and earning through YouTube. For our top ten fastest growing YouTube channels in 2019, we have listed the YouTube channels that have gained maximum numbers of subscribers and the channels that have started to gain recognition and grabbed viewership.

10- Boram Tube Vlog [보람튜브 브이로그]

Borma tube vlog is a Korean kid entertainment channel where various child YouTube stars share their videos. They mostly make videos about toys, adventures and while they are playing with each other, Boram has two channels Boram tube vlog and Boram tube toys review where he reviews various toys. The overall subscribers on these channels are 22.1 million and it has gained 17,006,774 in the year 2019.

9- Marshmello

On number nine we have the famous American electronic music player and DJ Marshmello who is famous for wearing the marshmallow head. He mainly uploads music videos and skits weekly. This channel has over41.5 million subscribers and it has gained around 17,662,318 in the year 2019.

8- Billie Eilish

On number eight we have a well-deserved channel, starting from a music video called “ocean eyes” Billie Eilish is known for her mellow tunes and sad lyrics. She is also known to be the biggest thing happened to the music industry after Justin Bieber. She has a total of 23.7 million subscribers and in the year 2019, she has gained around 17,987,119.

7- Zee Music Company

Zee music company is a Hindi music company based in India and they have another brand with the name of zee entertainment enterprise. It seems that zee music company might soon be able to give a tough competition to T-series. This channel has a total of 47.5 million subscribers and has successfully gained 18,560,265 in the year 2019, making it eligible for the spot of seventh fastest-growing YouTube channel on our list.

6- SET India

Sony Entertainment Televise or SET India is a Hindi entertainment and drama channel. It has an actual TV channel that plays family entertainment shows and drama 24/7. On their YouTube channel, they upload these dramas for their viewers to binge-watch later. They have 61 million subscribers on their channels and have gained 22,185,321 of them in 2019.

5- PewDiePie

When it comes to the biggest channels on YouTube, PewDiePie can’t be missed but it is quite surprising that the channel is still growing and gaining more subscribers. The channel posts gaming videos as well as reviews and memes rundown. It has 102 million subscribers in total and has gained 22,588,766 in 2019.

4- Kids Diana Show

On number 4 we have another kids channel but this time it a Russian channel where they mainly post videos about unboxing toys and reviews about other kids adventures. The main stars behind the channel are Diana the sister and her brother Roma. Overall the channel has 40.6 million subscribers and has gained 25,032,871 in 2019.

3- Like Nastya Vlog

This is the first daily vlogging channel on our list, where YouTuber Nastya shares vlogs, toy reviews, and other family adventure videos. The channel has overall 41.9 million subscribers and has gained 27,480,604 in 2019.

2- Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

This is another kids channel where they share educational videos, rhymes, kids music etc. The channel has 67.4 million subscribers and has gained 36,063,045 subscribers in 2019.

1- T-Series

On number one, as expected we have T-series. The channel that everyone has been talking about. it is a Hindi music channel and has 121 million subscribers overall with 42,651,839 subscribers gained in 2019.

These are the Top 10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels of 2019
Data source: SocialBlade

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