A Large Number Of US Population Left Facebook In the Last Two Years. Here's Why?

Many of the Facebook users find it annoying when their friends or family fill the Newsfeed with rants about politics or any other personal comments. Some of the people are now staying away from social media because of the rants that their friends share, as found out in 2019 survey carried out by Edison Research.

In the US, the number of Facebook users is decreasing with time. In 2017, 67 percent of US residents above the age of 12 used Facebook, but in 2018 the number decreased by five percent whereas in 2019, only 61 percent of the U.S. population still used Facebook. This means, there were around 172 million Facebook active users two years ago.

When inquired about the reason behind deterring, users had their own explanations due to which they lost interest in the widely used social app. The most popular reason, 60 percent of the users said they do not like rants or personal comments by others on Facebook. The second most common reason among 59 percent of the users is that they find Facebook full of negativity. People share their thoughts, their views and not all might agree to it and the majority also finds it annoying.

More than half, 58 percent of the users are tired of political posts on the platform, whereas, 57 percent are most concerned about their privacy. Up to half, 47 percent, like using other social sites more than Facebook, while the same number of people said their friends are not much active on Facebook either.

Many people find social media platforms dangerous for their mental health, therefore 39 percent deterred to focus on their mental health. Also, there are people who are not much interested in connecting with their families online. So, 31 percent of the users gave the reason that their parents or relatives use Facebook as well and to avoid them, they themselves are no longer on Facebook.

Facebook was the first social media site to gain extensive popularity among internet users. However, with time, many other social networks also started giving Facebook a tough competition. YouTube and TikTok are two of them the video format is much popular currently, especially the video content is grabbing the attention of Gen Z.

Rants and To much Negativity Deter Facebook User

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