These are the 10 Most Liked Photos and Most Followed Accounts on Instagram

Which Instagram posts are considered the best? Which influencer broke the record of the most liked picture on Instagram? Who has the most Instagram followers?

Instagram has more than billion monthly active users with more than 4.2 billion likes per day, so let’s see who ranked with the most liked photographs and who has the most followers.

Which Instagram posts do best? Which influencers have nailed the concept to generate likes? Find out in this list of the most-liked Instagram posts.


Ranking at 10th position in the category of most liked pictures is the picture of The Jenner family dressed up as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Thor.

Whereas the Instagram account of the first footballer on the list is Neymar ranking at the 10th spot with Instagram followers of 130 million.


The Jenner Family isn’t done yet with the last as it’s ranking at the 9th spot too in the most liked category. A fairly provocative shot of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is placed in 9th position with most likes.

Queen Bey Beyonce is ranking at the 9th spot in the most followers category with 137 million Instagram followers.


The recent post by Selena Gomez posing by a river in Italy gained a lot of attention from followers and is now ranking in the 8th position as a most liked picture on Instagram.

Soccer player Lionel Messi - The captain of the Barcelona FC is ranking at the 8th spot with a follower count of 139 million followers on Instagram.


The most recent Instagram picture of Selena Gomez ranked further up in this list and the picture by Selena shows her celebrating best friend’s engagement on the beach.

Also ranking at the 7th position is the Instagram account of Kylie Jenner with 155 million followers and she is arguably the biggest star of the Instagram for sure.


The newest entry in the list with a big hit on Instagram is the post from Dwayne aka The Rock tying the knot and we are in awe after seeing the pictures. The picture posted by The rock with a caption ‘We do’ is a mixture of cheery and heartwarming feelings of the happy couple in Hawaii.

The last Kardashian or Jenner on this list is the most famous account of Kim Kardashian with 155 million followers on Instagram.


The first post by Jennifer Aniston with some friends is breaking all the records by being in the top 10 most liked categories already. Aniston also broke the record of Guinness World Records by becoming the fastest person to get 1 million followers within just five hours and 16 minutes.

Also, ranking at the 5th spot in the category of most-followed accounts is the Instagram account of Selena Gomez with 164 million followers.


A new post appearing in this list straight out of the blue a post that promises users to translate the likes into forests to help save the environment and shockingly it has gained this high position.

The Instagram account of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is also ranked in the 4th position with 166 million followers.


The last Instagram post of the rapper XXXTentacion posted before his death in June 2018 is ranked at the 3rd spot as a most-liked Instagram picture.

The account of Ariana Grande is also taking the 3rd spot in the list of the most followed accounts with a follower count of 170 million followers.


The second post by Kylie’s Instagram account is in the list and the picture shows Stormi Webster holding her thumb while sleeping and it had all of us in ‘awwww’.

The account of Cristiano Ronaldo is ranking at the second spot with the most follower count of 195 million followers on Instagram.


The picture of an egg broke the record of Kylie Jenner’s post with the most likes and the egg now has more than 54 million likes.

This picture of an egg started as a campaign to set a world record for the most liked picture on Instagram and people just couldn’t turn down this opportunity so the cheeky egg broke all the records by ranking at the first position with most likes on Instagram.

And finally, ranking at the first position with more than 324 million followers is the official account of Instagram itself and its feeds clearly show off the best and most interesting people of the Instagram and along with that this most followed Instagram account also promotes its own IGTV content that the team creates themselves.

People keep on posting content on daily basis and no wonder these accounts ranking at the top spot, for now, will be replaced by some other accounts promoting new content and gaining attention so let’s just see who’ll top next time.

The list in this post is based on SocialBlade and Wikipedia Data.

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