Google Chrome Leads The Best Internet Browser List By Miles For 2019!

Can you imagine to go back in time where Internet Explorer was your only option to access the internet? While of course, even thinking about it can already be a panic for many, we are finally living in the era where browsers are evolving and continue to make our experience on the internet better.

In fact, it would definitely be also right to say that the best web browser makes a lot of difference when it comes to faster performance, better security or more flexibility through downloadable extensions. But having said that, do you know that users around the world are happy picking Google Chrome as their number one choice for internet browsing?

Yes, in a recent insights of market share statistics for internet technologies by NETMARKETSHARE, Chrome has topped the list of best browsers with 67.15% users preferring the masterpiece by Google in the year 2019.

The list also includes Mozilla Firefox at the second spot but the competition between both is very less as Firefox owns a market share of 9.07%. However, the improved versions of Internet Explorer has made people trust the browser more and for similar reasons it stands at the 3rd spot with 7.68% share, along with beating Safari and Edge in the race.

Chrome continues to win the race for many obvious reasons and the list includes how developers take constant care of introducing features on Chrome that take the browser culture forward with private browsing in the name of incognito tab, easy to use nature, Chrome fascinating apps, fast updates, extensions, add-ons, plug-ins and much more

Th real surprise in the list was UC Browser and Opera, which despite being advertised heavily, stood at 10th and 8th position respectively. You can find more details included in the chart below.

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