Instagram Influencer Marketing Continues To Be On The Rise With 48% Activity Jump & Many More Important Facts With This Study!

We live in the day and age where everyone wants to be an influencer but has anyone ever pondered upon why all are wishing for the same post? The answer lies in this one important fact that influencer marketing is on the rise on Instagram and brands have finally realized that if they want to reach out to their targeted younger audience then partnering with notable social media figures is the way forward. This time the claim has also been backed by social media analytics firm Klear.

According to the study, the total number of posts with the #ad hashtag indicates that sponsored Instagram posts have seen a 48% increase and together they have turned out to be more than 3 million in numbers for the year 2019. Klear has also supported another research, that money spent on influencer marketing in 2022 will grow to $15 billion and if we compared with $8 billion for this year, the numbers are definitely reaching for the sky.

Not so surprisingly, millennial have been the true king in influencer marketing as around 54% of the influencer content was created by people who fall in the age group of 25-34. However, only 34% of the users on the platform belong to that age group.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Continues To Be On The Rise With 48% Activity Jump & Many More Important Facts With This Study!

The study also referred to the statistics presented by InfluencerDB earlier this year which stated that despite the deluge of sponsored content, engagement rates for tucking in influencers had experienced an all time low. This uneven balance has occurred because of how brands are also becoming smart in choosing their partners such as micro-influencers who have received 90% of the branded partnerships on Instagram while having a following of 5,000 to 30,000.

Klear also highlighted the fact that by involving micro-influencers, brands are not only keeping their approach fresh but have also been able to reach highly engaged audiences. Therefore the difference between influencer and celebrity is massive, which has further been showed in a survey by Rakuten Marketing as according to them, micro-influencers comprise 40% of brands' annual influencer spending and celebrities have only been able to secure 28%.

For the ones who think why Instagram has been preferred by 80% of the brands for their influencer campaigns and images when placed side to side with Facebook (46%), YouTube (36%), Twitter (24%) and LinkedIn (12%), much of this has occurred because the user base increasing rapidly every year - a recent forecast by eMarketer suggests 5.4% to 112.5 million U.S. users next year. But that’s not all.

Instagram never misses a chance to give users and brands something new and the most recent example of this can be how the company has boosted the adoption of Instagram stories. Users get the chance to combine several images or videos into a single post and the impact of it can be seen from the numbers as the number of Instagram Stories posts per influencer goes up by 20% (3.6 per day on average) The biggest advantage of the stories section went to Beauty brands as overall 25% of sponsored posts belonged to make-up products, followed by 24% for fashion and 19% to food.

More importantly, Instagram has also been brave enough to amend its platform to protect users from the impact that glossy lifestyle of celebrities and influencers can have on the user’s mental health. We have recently seen Instagram removing the “like” button for the similar purpose and we can finally also see brands going for more quality content rather than drooling over the quantity in the name of followers an influencer enjoys.

Nevertheless, apart from Instagram, a recent study by Morning Consult also predicts that brands will soon go for TikTok, Snapchat and Twitch for influencer campaigns in high number as well, but definitely not in proportion to Instagram.

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